Kypsä refers to something ‘fresh’ or ‘freshly baked’.

Coming from the similar ideology at Kypsa, we aim to use design to unveil opportunities & bake fresh ideas to bring alive the brand & product story. Using the power of design, we along with our clients, create meaningful engagements that can be showcased in the form of demonstrations, activations or brand communications. Our aim is to directly connect with consumers and make them perceive the brand offerings and inspire positive buying behavior!

To design this brand experience, we consistently immerse ourselves in real-life scenarios by meeting and interacting with real consumers and thereby achieving two goals:

1. Unearthing consumer insights.

2. Connecting the seemingly unconnected dots to deliver expectations, solutions or as we like to call them, experiences!

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A team of multi disciplinary design experts, set in a well networked design eco-system

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