Design For Purpose

While we innovate and invent ‘new & fresh’ ideas with every project and we look at every project holistically; we are led by user centric insights.

We Discover

At Kypsa, we don’t just research, we discover. We focus on unlocking the deep consumer insights and the transformational opportunities underneath the usual. We bring together immersive techniques supported with right stimulus & creativity to uncover powerful insights.

Curate product concepts at early stage of development based on builds from consumers.

We Design

We design with a purpose, to help brands engage their consumer so they can build awareness, create conversation and drive brand consideration. We believe that power of design goes beyond beautiful imagery and into the mind of the consumer, where good design solves problems and position a brand so it stands out as well as stands for something. As our name suggests we envision, build and develop fresh design experiences.

We Bring Alive

We understand that for better brand equity, brands need to demonstrate products benefit. We help establish product differentiation in commodity world which comes through demonstrable superiority. We help our clients bring alive product benefits & propositions through creative story telling & demonstrations.

Evolution Of Design

Every project is unique & requires a bespoke solution. Our methods are constantly evolving to accommodate the needs of our clients, but in each case our process remains the same.


Consumer & competition research discovery phase identifies opportunities and enables us to formulate a compelling strategy.


From this information, we begin concept development. Concepts are brainstormed and the best, most applicable and exciting ones are developed in form of story boards & visualizations.


Selected concepts are refined & optimized with appropriate assets & mock ups.


Validation is done to seek feedback from consumers via design research techniques.


Based on inputs from consumers, design is refined & final specifications, prototypes & assets are created for deployment.